1857 Membership Statistics St. Paul of the Cross Province from The Catholic Directory

Diocese of Pittsburgh

[p.169] St. Michael’s (German) Birmingham -Rev. Stanislaus Parzyk, Passionist

[p. 169] Chapel of Blessed Paul of the Cross, Passionist Retreat-served by the Passionist Fathers

[p. 172] Blessed Paul Monastery, Birmingham
This is the establishment of the Passionists, a religious congregation founded by blessed Paul of the Cross and having for its object to give missions and spiritual retreats. Gentlemen of the clergy and laity will be accommodated, n application to the Superior.

Rev. John Dominic Tarletini, Superior
Rev. Anthony Calandri
Rev. Albinus Magnus
Rev. Gaudentius Rossi
Rev. Stanislaus Parzyk
Rev. Luke Baudinelli
With 9 students and 6 lay-brothers.

Peter Magagnotto, C.P.

[p. 198] Archdiocese of San Francisco and Diocese of Monterey
Marysville, Yuba Co., St. Joseph-Rev. Peter Magagnotto, P.D.N., Pastor.
Rev. Peter L. Deyaert, Assistant