1861 Membership Statistics St. Paul of the Cross Province from The Catholic Directory

Diocese of Pittsburgh

[p. 69] Birmingham: St. Michael’s (Germ.), -Rev. Luke Baudinelli, Rector, Rev. James Hoffzugott, Passionists.
B. Paul of the Cross, Passionist Fathers

[p. 71] Passionist Monastery of the B. Paul of the Cross, near Birmingham, Passionists V. Rev. John Dominic Tarlattini, Superior;
Rev. Albinus Magno,
Rev. Anthony Calandri,
Rev. Luke Baudinelli,
Rev. James Hoffszugott,
Rev. Gaudenties Rossi,
Rev. Stanislaus Parzyk,
Rev. John Baptist Baudinelli,
Rev. Thomas Stefanini.
Rev. Aloysisus Grigg,
Rev. Andrew M. Grogan,
Rev. Vincent Naylor.

There are four students of Theology and ten of Philiosophy, two of whom are in Rome. There are, besides, ten lay brothers, and several novices. Three students were ordained priests this year.

Peter Magagnotto, C.P.

[p. 184] St. Francis of Assissium, Vallejo street. Very Rev. Peter Magagnotto, V.G.; Rev. Thomas Cian, Assistant Pastor. Sermon in Spanish at 8½ o’clock.