1865 Membership Statistics St. Paul of the Cross Province from The Catholic Directory

Diocese of Pittsburgh

[79] Bishops Council: listed as member is Very Rev. J. Dominic Tarlattini, Passionist

Birmingham: St. Michael’s, German, Rev. Luke Baudinelli, Rector, Rev. James Hoffzugott, Passionists.
B. Paul of the Cross, Passionist Fathers

[82] Passionist Monastery, near Birmingham (Buchanan P.O. Allegheny Co.)
V. Rev. John Dominic Tarlattini, Superior;
Rev. Anthony Calandri, Master of Novices;
Rev. James Hooffzugott,
Rev. Luke Baudinelli,
Rev. Libertatus Brunelli,
Rev. Vincent Naylor.
Rev. Faustinius Sorgenti.
There are four students, and five choir novices, eight professed lay-brothers, and two lay novices.

Diocese of Buffalo

Dunkirk: Chautauque Co. St. Mary’s Rev. John Baptist Baudenilli, Superior.

St. George’s (German) Rev. Frederick Lang

[108-110] attended monthly from Dunkirk are Angola and North-Evans, Erie Co. Cattaraugus, Cattaraugus Co., Dayton, Cattaraugus Co., Blessed Paul; Forestville and Fredonia, Chautauque, Co. attended from Dunkirk; Salem and Silver Creek, Chautauque; Villanova Chatauque Co. attended from Dunkirk

[111] St. Mary’s Retreat, (Passionist) Dunkirk, Rev. John Baptist Baudenilli, Rector

Rev. Thos. Stefanini. Rev. Andrew McGurgan, Rev. Eusebius Sotis, Rev. Frederick Lang, Rev. Charles Lang, Rev. William Geagen, and several clerics and lay brothers.

Diocese of Newark

[120] West Hoboken, Hudson, Co. Our Lady of Mercy, Rev. F. Albinus Magno.

[119]Bergen Point, Bergen Co., St. Mary’s (Stella Maris), attended from the Passionist Monastery, West-Hoboken; English Neighborhood, Hudson Co., attended from the Passionists from West Hoboken; Greenville, Hudon Co., St. Paul’s, attended by the Passionists from West-Hoboken

[120] St. Michael’s Retreat (Passionists) West Hoboken, N.J., Very Rev. Th. Gaudentius Rossi, Provincial Consultor;
Rev. Victor Carunchio, Rector;
Rev. Timothy Pacetti, Vice-Rector
Rev. Albinus Magno,
Rev. Stanislaus Parezyk,
Rev. Nilus Mastrojanni,
Rev. Vitalian Lilla
Rev. Thomas O’Connor
7 students and 5 lay brothers

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