1872 Membership Statistics St. Paul of the Cross Province from The Catholic Directory

Diocese of Pittsburgh

[p. 262] Bishops Council: Passionist is listed as a member

[p. 263] Birmingham: St. Michael’s, (German,) -Rev. Frederick Lang, Rev. Father Henry Egler, and Rev. Aloysius Blakely, Passionists.

[p. 263] St. Paul of the Cross, Passionist Fathers
St. Joseph’s (German) Rev. Very Rev. Luke Baudinelli
St. Peter’s (German) new church

[p. 267] St. Paul’s (Passionist) Monastery, Birmingham (Buchanan P.O. Allegheny Co.)
Very Rev. Luke Baudinelli, Provincial of the Congregation in America
Very Rev. Anthony Callandi, Rector
Very Rev. Fr. Domenec Tarlatini, Master of Novices
Rev. Basil Keating, Assistant Rector
Rev. S. Pauzyk
Rev. A. Lugero
Rev. A. Rossiter
with 25 novices and lay brothers.

Diocese of Baltimore

[p. 57] Baltimore County
Carrollton. Church of the Passion. Carroll P.O. Very Rev. Father Charles Rector, and other Passionists.
Catonsville. St. Agnes’. Attended by the Passionist Fathers

[p.60] St. Joseph’s Passionist Monastery, Carrollton, Carroll P.O., Baltimore Co. Md.
Very Rev. Charles Lang, Rector
Rev. Thomas Stephanini, Vice-Rector
Rev. Liberatus Bonelli
Rev. Vincent Tranquill
Rev. Timothy Pacitti

Rev. Thomas O’Connor
Rev. Angelo Paganini
Students of Philosophy, 6
Lay-Brothers, 5

Diocese of Buffalo

[p.138] : Chautauque Co. Dunkirk: St. Mary’s, brick church Rev. Martin Meagher and other Passionist Fathers
St. George’s (German) Passionist Fathers

[p.138] The following locations in the county are attended from Dunkirk
Silver Creek, St. Clair, Villanova, as is Cattaraugus in Cattaraugus Co., and Dayton, Cattaraugus Co.
Blessed Paul attended monthly from Dunkirk
Hubock, Eire. Co., St. Stanislaus Kotzka, attended from Dunkirk

[140] St. Mary’s Retreat, (Passionist) Dunkirk, Rev. Martin Meagher, Superior
Rev. Nilus Patrojanni, Vice-Superior, Rev. Ildefonsus Obach, Rev. Vincent Tranquilli, Rev. Andrew McGurgan, Rev. Raphael, Rev. Daniel Rimmels, and 6 clerics and 3 lay brothers.

Archdiocese of Cincinnati

[p. 67] Immaculata, (Mt. Adams) Passionist Fathers

[p. 71] Passionist Monastery, Mt. Adams, Cincinnati, Rev. Guido Matassi, Rev. V. Nagler Rev. S. Stutts. Rev. Hugh Barrand. 3 brothers

Diocese of Newark

[p.245] West Hoboken, Hudson, Co. Our Lady of Mercy, attended from the Monastery

[p.243] Guttenberg, Hudson Co. St. Joseph’s, attended from the Passionist Monastery, West Hoboken

[p. 244] Jersey City, St. Paul of the Cross, attended from the Monastery, West Hoboken

[p.245] Union Hill, Hudson Co. Holy Family, attended from the Passionist Monastery, West Hoboken

[p. 245-246] St. Michael’s Retreat (Passionists) West Hoboken, N.J.
Very Rev. Albinus Magno, Provincial of the Passionists in the United States
Very Rev. J. Philip Baudinelli, Rector
Rev. Father Victor Carunchio, Vice-Rector
Rev. Liberatus Bonelli
Rev. Thomas Stephanini, S.T.L
Rev. Timothy Pacetti
Rev. Eusebius Sotis
Rev. Vitalian Lilla
Rev. Thomas O’Connor, S.T.L.
Rev. A. Paganini
Rev. Gabriel Flynn
Rev. Bernard Hehl
Rev. Benedict Murnane
Rev. Ignatius Saur
There are 10 students of theology and seven lay brothers. Applications for missions should be made to the Provincial of the Order during spring and summer, for the ensuing autumn and winter. The fathers attend 4 missionary stations and the Hudson County almshouse.