1935 Membership Statistics Vicariate-Apostolic of Shenchow Hunan, China

from The Official Catholic Directory p. 636

Area = 15,400 square miles.

Erected as Prefecture-Apostolic, March 13, 1925, and confided to the American Passionists, with headquarters at St. Michael’s Monastery, 381 West St., Union City, N.J.

Most Reverend Cuthbert O’Gara, C.P., D.D., Vicar Apostolic; ordained May 26, 1915; appointed Prefect-Apostolic February 12, 1930; consecrated October 28, 1934.

Prefect Delegate—Very Rev. Quentin Olwell, C.P.

Religious Superior—Very Rev. William Westhoven, C.P.

Prefect’s Council—Very Revs. Quentin Olwell, C.P., Anthony Maloney, C.P.; Revs. Miles McCarthy, C.P., Timothy McDermott, C.P.

Vicars Forane—Very Revs. William Westhoven, C.P., Timothy McDermott, C.P., Anthony Maloney, C.P.

Procurator—Revs. Dominic Langenbacher, C.P., Linus Lombard, C.P.   Passionate [sic] Procure: 5 Rue Dubail, Hankow, Hupeh, China.

Correspondent for Fides Service—Rev. Nicholas Schneiders, C.P.


Shenchow, Very Rev. Quentin Olwell, C.P., in charge; Revs. Leo Berard, C.P., Sidney Turner, C.P., Basil Bauer, C.P., Michael Anthony Campbell, C.P., Cyprian Leonard, C.P., Harold Travers, C.P., James Lambert, C.P., Ronald Norris, C.P.

Yungshun, Very Rev. Timothy McDermott, C.P., in charge; Rev. Bonaventure Griffiths, C.P.

Yuanchow, Revs. Paul Ubinger, C.P., Germain Heilmann [Heilman], C.P.

Chenki, Very Rev. William Westhoven, C.P., in charge; Revs. Joachim Beckes, C.P., Antoine DeGroeve, C.P.

Wangtsun, Rev. Anthony Maloney, C.P.

Paotsing, Rev. Dunstan Thomas, C.P.

Liulincha, Rev. Nicholas Schneiders, C.P.

Wuki, Rev. Francis Flaherty, C.P.

Luki, Rev. Edward J. McCarthy, C.P.

Pushih, Rev. Jeremiah McNamara, C.P.

Kaotsun, Rev. Cyprian Frank, C.P.

Fenghwang, Rev. Flavian Mullins, C.P.

Supu, Revs. Raphael Vance, C.P., Denis Fogarty, C.P.

Lungtan, Rev. Ernest Cunningham, C.P.

Yungsui, Rev. Gregory McEttrick, C.P.

Absent on leave: Revs. Miles McCarthy, C.P., Arthur Benson, C.P., Cormac Shanahan, C.P.


Shenchow. Sisters of Charity (Mother House—Convent Station, N.J.).—Address: Little Flower Convent, Shenchow, Hunan, China. Sister M. Finan Griffin, Superioress; Srs. M. Loretta Halligan, M. Patricia Rose Hurley, M. Teresa Tan [M. Theresa Tuan], Ethelberta Carson, Electa McDermott. (Novitiate, women’s catecumenate, orphanage, dispensary creche, school).
Preparatory Seminary—Rev. Leo Berard, C.P., Director. Seminarians, 14.

Yuanchow. Sisters of St. Joseph (Mother House—Baden, Pa.).—Address: Sisters of St. Joseph, Yuanchow, Hunan, China. Mother M. Christina Werth, Superioress: Srs. M. Christina Werth [sic], M. St. Anne Callahan, M. Magdalena Ivan, M. Mark Mullen, Rosario Goss. (Virginate, school, women’s catechumenate, orphanage, dispensary, creche.)


Vicar Apostolic: 1
Passionist Priests: 33
Sisters of Charity: 11
Sisters of St. Joseph: 6
Missions with Resident Priests: 15
Churches: 12
Oratories: 18
Schools: 6
Catecumenates: 21
Catecumens: 1,750
Catechists: 54
Catholic Population: 2,901
Pagan Population: 4,500,000
Confessions (annual): 1,089
Communions (annual): 1,295
Confessions (devotion): 21,371
Communions (devotion): 76,236
Extreme Unctions: 85
Marriages: 35
Deaths: 112
Baptisms: 427
Dispensaries: 13
Cases Treated: 62,042

N.B.—These missions may be reached through the American Mission Procurator, Rev. Theophane Maguire, C.P., The Sign, Union City, N.J.