1943 Membership Statistics Vicariate Apostolic of Yüanling Hunan, China

from The Official Catholic Directory p. 729

Area = 15,400 square miles.

Erected as Prefecture-Apostolic, March 13, 1925, and confided to the American Passionists with headquarters at St. Michael’s Monastery, 1901 West St., Union City, N.J.

Most Reverend Cuthbert M. O’Gara, C.P., D.D., Vicar Apostolic; ordained May 26, 1915; appointed Prefect-Apostolic February 12, 1930; consecrated October 28, 1934.

Vicar Delegate—Very Rev. Paul Ubinger, C.P.

Religious Superior—Very Rev. Raphael Vance, C.P.

Vicariate Council—Revs. William Westhoven, C.P., Francis Flaherty, C.P.

Minor Seminary—Revs. Leo Joseph Berard, C.P., Reginald Arliss, C.P.

Superior of Districts—Revs. Francis Flaherty, C.P., William Westhoven, C.P.

Procurator—Rev. Arthur Benson, C.P.,   Passionist Procuration—6 Rue Clemenceau, Hankow, Hupeh, China.

Fides Service Correspondent—Rev. Bonaventure Griffiths, C.P., Catholic Mission, Yüanling, Hunan [, China].

Local Procurator—Rev. Ronald Norris, C.P., Catholic Mission, Yüanling, Hunan, China.


Yüanling, Very Rev. Paul Ubinger, C.P., Revs. Leo Berard, C.P., Reginald Arliss, C.P., Ronald Norris, C.P., Marcellus White, C.P., Michael Anthony Campbell, C.P.

Yungshun, Revs. Francis Flaherty, C.P., James Lambert, C.P.

Chihkiang, Revs. William Westhoven, C.P., Rupert Langenbacher, C.P.

Fenghwang, Rev. Denis Fogarty, C.P.

Chenki, Rev. Quentin Olwell, C.P.

Liulincha, Rev. Jeremiah McNamara, C.P.

Wuki, Rev. Cormac Shanahan, C.P.

Kaotsun, Rev. Germain Heilman, C.P.

Supu, Very Rev. Raphael Vance, C.P., Rev. Antoine DeGroeve, C.P.

Kienyang, Rev. Dunstan Thomas, C.P.

Yungsui, Rev. Basil Bauer, C.P.

Paotsing, Rev. Harold Travers, C.P.

Wangtsun, Rev. Cyprian Leonard, C.P.


Yüanling. Sisters of Charity of Convent Station, New Jersey.   Address: Convent of the Little Flower, Yüanling, Hunan, China. Sr. Mary Finan Griffin, LL.D., Superioress. Srs. Alma Marie [Maria] Gilmartin, Loretta Halligan, Patricia Rose Hurley, Miriam Therese [Theresa Miriam] Beschel, Theresa Tuan, Sebastian Curley, Electa McDermott, Catherine Gabriel Whittaker, Beata Maria Zorillo [Zarillo].
Works—School, Dispensary, Home for Aged, Embroidery School, Hospital.

Wuki. Sisters of Charity of Convent Station, New Jersey.   Address, Catholic Mission, Wuki, Kuan Chang, Hunan, China. Sr. Agnes Paula Conefrey, in charge; Sr. Carita Prendergast [Pendergast].
Works—School, Orphanage, Dispensary.

Chihkiang. Sisters of St. Joseph of Baden, Pa.—Sr. Christina Wirth [Werth], Superioress; Srs. Magdalena Ivan, Mark Mullen, Rosario Goss, Catherine Davenport, Mary Joseph Lung.
Works—School, Orphanage, Dispensary, Hospital.

Peiping. Language School.—Rev. Anthony Maloney, C.P., Director; Revs. Kieran Richardson, C.P., Wendelin Moore, C.P., Caspar Caulfield, C.P., Venard Johnson, C.P., Lenus [Linus] McSheffrey, C.P., William Whelan, C.P., Leonard Amrdein [Amrhein], C.P., Aloysius O’Malley, C.P.

Emergency War Relief Activities

Refugee Camps (12): Refugees Registered: 10,182
Refugee Schools (4): Refugee Children: 520
Relief Hospitals (2): Beds: 150
Hospitals: Inpatients Registered: 2,794
Hospitals: Outpatient treatments: 156,227
Bombing Victims: Cared for and Fed: 1,552


Vicar Apostolic: 1
Passionist Fathers: 38
Sisters of Charity: 13
Sisters of St. Joseph: 6
Missions with Resident Priests: 15
Missions without Resident Priests: 18
Churches: 6
Oratories, Chapels: 27
Catecumenates: 14
Catechists: 55
Pagan Population: 4,500,000
Catholics: 5,102
Catecumens: 25
Baptisms, Adults: 854
Baptisms, Infants: 360
Baptisms, In Articulo: 3,851
Baptisms, Total: 5,065
Deaths: 225
Marriages: 73
Confessions, Paschal: 3,004
Confessions, Devotional: 37,980
Communions, Paschal: 3,004
Communions, Devotional: 90,899
Confirmations: 114
Extreme Unctions: 102