1951 Membership Statistics Diocese of Yuanling  Hunan, China

from The Official Catholic Directory p. 671

This Diocese was erected as a Prefecture-Apostolic March 13, 1925, and confided to the American Passionists with headquarters at St. Michael’s Monastery, 1901 West St., Union City, N.J.

Bishop—Most Rev. Cuthbert M. O’Gara, C.P., D.D. Installed as First Bishop of Yuanling May 15, 1947.

Vicar-General—Very Rev. Paul Ubinger, C.P.

Religious Superior—Very Rev. Quentin Olwell, C.P.

Procures—Yuanling: Rev. Linus Lombard, C.P.; Maryknoll House, Stanley, Hong Kong: Anthony Maloney, C.P.

American Passionist Fathers laboring in the Diocese—Very Rev. Paul Ubinger, C.P., V.G., Revs. Linus Lombard, C.P., Lawrence Mullin, C.P., Ernest Hotz, C.P., Antoine de Groeve, C.P., St. Augustine’s Cathedral, Yuanling; Very Rev. Quentin Olwell, C.P., Chenki; Revs. Francis Flaherty, C.P., Dominic Cohee, C.P., Ernan Johnston, C.P., Supu; William Westhoven, C.P., Jerome Does, C.P., Chihkiang; Harold Travers, C.P., Paotsing; Marcellus White, C.P., John Baptist Maye, C.P., Yungshun; Basil Bauer, C.P., Wangtsun; Ronald Beaton, C.P., Reginald Arliss, C.P., Yungsui; Cyprian Leonard, C.P., Kienyang; Dunstan Thomas, C.P., Kaotsun; Caspar Caulfield, C.P., Justin Garvey, C.P., Wuki; Raphael Vance, C.P., Fenghuang.    On leave in U.S.—Revs. Ernest Cunningham, C.P., James Lambert, C.P., Rupert Langenbacher, C.P., Germain Heilmann [Heilman], C.P., Michael A. Campbell, C.P., Leo Berard, C.P., Wendelin Moore, C.P., Aloysius O’Malley, C.P., Linus McSheffrey, C.P., William Whelan, C.P., Leonard Amrhein, C.P., Arthur Benson, C.P.